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A Horfedian is a person that was really good. It was here.


Players can customize their virtual characters with hats, head shapes, body shapes, clothing, and handheld items known as gear. All players can create their own pants, t-shirt, or shirt that they can wear. While regular users can only wear the clothes themselves, upgraded members can choose if they would like to sell it, and for what price.

Players who have any form of Builders Club can create a game that allows up to 30 players, also known as a mega place. In addition to this feature, upgraded players can also create badges for their place and Game Passes. Badges are a type of award that is given out to players who find the badge brick. Game Passes, which were introduced in mid to late 2012, are passes that give players who buy it special abilities chosen by the creator of the game. Some common uses for Game Passes are for a VIP or for getting an ability.

There are currently four different modes for playing games: Play Mode, Build Mode, Personal Servers, and Edit(Studio) Mode

Moderation and DeletionEdit

Because Roblox is a safe online world, there are real life moderators who review content submitted and moderate chats during games. The current possible things to be moderated on are: foruming, chatting in game, chatting on parties, commenting, submitting an inappropriate decal, pants, or shirt, or posing as an administrator. There are varying levels of punishment that can be used. From least severe to most severe, they are: Reminder, Warning, One-Day ban, 3-Day ban, 7-Day ban, 14-Day ban, Account Deletion, Proxy Ban(IP Ban), and Poison Ban. Poison Ban is when all accounts associated with the same e-mail address are deleted.

When a player's account is terminated, other users are no longer able to view the user's profile, stats, or inventory, although they can still play games created by the player. The player's avatar is then reverted to the classic starting avatar that a player has when (s)he first joins the website.


Image Name Attack Defeat
Robloxian png opt405x495o0,0s405x495 Delta Build Neighbor Blocks
6b7aedc9887ac2618972c9667e7d3f56 Lor_d Gun Hammer
Robloxian-style-1 Beedoron Knife/Gun Flying Chainsaw
York Chocolate York Chocolate Snap Knife
Twelve Guns Tomatoes
D0f04b4816eca1bb9fc57132c49c6c5f Mordy Saw Saw (strong)
Green Dumb Dude Slide Picklesmash
Karlos Gun
904c1e1af1cfa3e101eb923168be54e5 Manoro Milk Squash
B30253d9731f7b75968882aaae6befbf Python Snake Attack Knife Attack
Ketchup Person Ketchup Attack Mayonnaise Attack
3dd7969c826433d9c340f70a54db1d36 Crow Kick Guitar
E34b10eecefd9388223cb6436761f3f8 Banana Kick Juicer
B58cf185c45fffb0112ae56f558090c2 Red Guy Fire Water
63c32959146294ddb349711371634de4 Pat Shoot Defend
Cabf649c0b54b376210a14d454018503 Caper Steam Shoot
Bambino Seeds Blender
Ussuri Guns Kick
59ee0f331d1100e008cdb67d73ec6d39 Mr. Pickle Kick


D910d6f932b7a2da8dbd73f14e9e584d Santa Gifts Survive
98e3deb9c5d19ba39768ee6d973e9931 Gus Lightning InLight
B68d34c36fd8da577f2423fb3f776d4c Canloros Squash Bite
7f6ddccedfbbac196efc767d68f1c394 Pelloro Bite Tanks
F39a446eb864729344fb0d62029c1794 Stephanie Bite/Fangs Car
Common Knife Death spot
3fbb4b0a2c329edf28951906a0228b22 Christopher Tackle Fangs
966595a30de5ad93928cf3c957ed2c7f Foghorn Leghorn Kick & N/A
Image Name Attack Defeat

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